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How do you juggle all the things

you need to do in a day without dropping a ball once in a while?

You're right, you can't. You work hard but you're not super human.

Niagara VA Solutions will provide the relief you need.

As the owner and manager of a successful business, you know your time is most intelligently focused on activities that grow your business and generate revenue.

Our services allow you to get the help you need with your administrative and technical tasks while you focus on success.

What ever you need. From data processing, preparing contracts, and e-mail administration to designing marketing materials, creating websites, and search engine optimization; NVAS is your solution.

Our virtual office is at your disposal

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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)...

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can be a long-term collaborative partner with your business, a short term staffing solution, or the answer to a one time project. The Virtual Assistant allows a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to take advantage of the talents of a highly skilled professional that they may not otherwise have access to because they work out of a home office or they don't have the time and resources to deal with a full-time employee.

While most VAs perform administrative tasks, we are more than just a home-based secretary. Many of us are highly adept individuals and skilled communicators who can offer almost all the office support services you would expect to find in a large multinational organization. We offer you a variety of skills and support your needs, across the board, without having to ever step foot inside your office.


...and why would you hire one?

  • Your business is becoming successful and you are drowning in the paperwork.
  • Your workload exceeds your current staff's expertise or ability to meet the deadlines.
  • You have seasonal or special projects
  • You have limited resources to invest in additional computer equipment
  • You have limited computer/internet expertise
  • You have limited office space for additional staff
  • You only have a few hours of assistance work per day, week or month

When you hire a VA
  • You have the benefits of a highly skilled and experienced professional who has kept up to date with the latest technology through practical use and by investing in their own training and upgrading.
  • You are working with a collaborative partner who has a vested interest in your success. As an independent business owner themselves, a VA knows and understands the challenges of running a business.
  • You are working with a professional who is a member of several national and international VA organizations. If there is a time constraint, Your VA has a resource pool available to call upon. They have access to numerous other trusted VAs who can be relied upon to assist.
  • You do not have to provide office space, equipment or software.
  • You can specify the terms of the arrangement. Full-time, part-time, or on a per project basis. Your VA will adapt to your unique situation.
  • Fianlly, one of the most important aspects of hiring a VA: You will receive exceptional service at cost effective rates.

Did you Know?

When you partner with a Virtual Assistant

There is no office equipment to purchase. No training or supervision necessary. Payroll taxes and benefits are eliminated and...
You will only pay for the time that you use (no down time, vacation, personal/sick time, etc.)
In fact, the real cost of an employee is much higher than the cost of a VA as illustrated in this table >>

paper pile

front quote

Susan always demonstrates the highest level of efficiency, preparedness and integrity necessary to complete the task at hand. She is the consummate assistant and will never keep you waiting. I have complete confidence in her abilities and would recommend her end quote without hesitation.

Ronald Beckett


The Art of Delegating Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

"It’s all hype. Trust me, I gave it a shot. I worked with a virtual assistant and it was a complete waste of time. Wouldn’t do it again.”

This is what a friend of mine said when I was thinking about hiring a virtual assistant (VA) almost a year ago. Until I tried it myself, I didn’t realize that a great working relationship with a VA goes both ways.   Read more >>

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